Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m the grand old age of thirty four. Yesterday was my birthday, but in reality that means it’s a normal parenting day spent doing normal parenting things.  We battled the f*%&!g fours particularly over dinner time.  We battled the terrible (nearly) twos when it was time to leave soft play.… View Post

Everyone always likes to have a little moan about January.  It’s deemed to be cold, dank and gloomy.  A low point after the festive highs of December.  Poor old January.  Yet I love January and it all stems from having a January birthday. I am a January baby, and as… View Post

No one warned me that when my eldest turned four that it would appear that he would undergo a personality transplant on a daily basis.  Forget the terrible twos.  The threenager stage was a dream.  Yes.  We’re in the f*%&!g fours.  And nobody told me about them. As with every… View Post