5 things I can do now I’m not pregnant

5 things I can do now I’m not pregnant
I like being pregnant.  I love the expanding bump, the looks people give you, the secret kicks that only you and the baby share.
I loved the toddler kissing my bump and telling me there’s the baby.
I loved being able to have one on one time with the toddler whilst sharing kicks with the baby without worrying I was neglecting one or the other.
I loved sitting with my feet up and the excuse I am pregnant.
But I’m not pregnant anymore, baby boy is most definitely here after his dramatic entrance to the world.  And even though I woke up panicked the night’s after having him that the baby hadn’t kicked me (and he wouldn’t be would he as he was lying in the cot next to me) I do miss being pregnant.  Crazy I know.
So I decided to focus on the positives around not being pregnant anymore with a celebration of the things I can do.

1.  Sleep on my tummy again

I am a tummy sleeper, and although my bump was only little from around 5 months I wasn’t able to get comfy and sleep the way I normally do.

2.  Wine

Wine glorious wine.  Delicious.  Whilst I had a glass or 2 during pregnancy I was never able to indulge myself to that second glass if I wanted it.  Now he’s here I can have all the wine I want.  Shame it sends me to sleep…..

3.  Forbidden foods

Rare steak.

All making a come back in my kitchen

4.  Newborn baby cuddles

Now instead of sitting on the sofa for a rest because I am pregnant I sit with my feet up because I am busy cuddling my newborn.  They don’t stay this little for long, I need to make the most of it!

5.  Fit through small gaps

No more looking at a gap thinking I’m not going to be able to haul my bump through there.  Or parking dreadfully so I can open the door wide enough to haul me and the bump out.

What can you do now that baby has arrived?

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  1. October 12, 2016 / 9:31 pm

    Great list I would add agility to it. Those first few days after the bump goes and you feel like a gymnast at the Olympics are amazing.

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