Food for Thought; My Christmas Cookie Failure

Food for Thought; My Christmas Cookie Failure

It’s quite hard to feel Christmassy when the sun beats down and it’s hitting 30 degrees still outside. Where your children are running round in shorts and you’re more likely to be eating ice cream than sipping on warming hot chocolates. So after I spotted some dried cranberries whilst shopping this week I decided that we should at least attempt to be a bit Christmassy and practice our Santa cookies.

This is the recipe book and what they were supposed to look like:

Hummingbird Cake Book

Hummingbird Cake Book

What actually happened? I forgot that I have a threenager. Who is at the I need to be completely independent stage.

No problem, I thought.

We’ll be grand, I thought.

And so we were. The Grufflo apron went on no problem, he let me tie it up, washed his hands and jumped up on the step.

At which stage the whole


Started. And not just “my do it” but “my do it myself“.

Fine. I am all for independent learning. Adding the butter to the sugar. No problem.

butter to cookie mix

Creaming the butter and sugar together. He is a PRO with a whisk.

creaming butter and sugar

Cracking the egg. Sprinkling the cinnamon. Sieving the flour and folding it in. Tipping the cranberries. Rolling the cookies into balls. Shouting at me to be careful because the oven is hot. Tick. Tick. Tick. I thought I was onto a winner. I thought soon he will be overtaking me with his baking abilities.

We made a cup of tea and sat back to relax together, all was fine and dandy then we went to check on the cookies. Watching the cookies and wondering why they aren’t rising. Why they aren’t spreading.

Realising that in the midst of the MY DO IT MY DO IT MY DO IT shouting I have forgotten to add a vital ingredient.

No baking powder.

Cookie failure.

Sorry Santa – we’ll keep practicing. The mix was tasty though.

cookie mix tasting

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