The highlight of my school career was my singing solo as a little lamb, aged 10, in the school nativity show. Four lines to sing about the Baby Jesus wearing a pair of white woolly tights and a white jumper that didn’t quite come over my bum.  And a lamb… View Post

Yesterday saw me sobbing down the phone uttering the phrase. But it’s Christmas… The season of goodwill, family, friends and love.  A chance to catch up with loved ones, both near and far.  And for us?  The start of a holiday of a lifetime. Way back when in January my… View Post

It’s a long standing joke with all of our friends that my husband is Mr Organised, particularly when it comes to holidays. We have all of our holidays planned out for 2018.  I mean with two small boys, although our attitude to travel has changed, our desire to has never… View Post

Every friendship has a story to be told. Quite often there is that one pinnacle moment where you look at the other person and realise, yes I like you.  I’ll have you.  When you know that this is your story that will be trotted out time and time again. Whether… View Post

For the most part, expat life is great. But, as with most lifestyles, there are a few drawbacks. One of the issues you have is being able to buy nice presents for your friends and families back home. Often, you can find something suitable and unusual where you live. The… View Post