I have a scar.  A scar I never wanted but a scar I have all the same.  My caesarean scar. Before I got pregnant I sat for hours watching One Born Every Minute to my husbands disgust, I planned my birth down to the after birth photographs.  And I didn’t envisage… View Post

Did you know that April is Caesarean Awareness Month? Both my boys were born by emergency c-section. Both births were filled with drama for different reasons. Both births lives were at stake, both theirs and mine. For a time they made me less of a woman, less of a mother,… View Post

I didn’t know that April was caesarean awareness month until it popped up on my Twitter feed the other day.  Being a proud c-section mama I was quite pleased about this.  Though there is the other side of the story. I am sure by now many of you have seen… View Post

The birth of the toddler terror was fairly dramatic, a category 1 emergency c section, something I was keen to avoid with baby #2.  However it appears that Baby Boy had other ideas and wanted to come into this world in a dramatic fashion, much like his big brothers. The… View Post

As my due date looms ever closer I am starting to reflect on my birth with my eldest child.   As with my last pregnancy once again I am hypertensive and pregnant, which marks me as high risk.   The main difference this time being that I won’t be sent for an… View Post