Last week my mum came over to visit and talk turned, as it always does, to the potential of us returning home.  I’ve always been upfront about the fact that I never wanted to be an expat, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than leaving the cosy confines of our bright,… View Post

Being an expat more often than not you hit “visitor season” where people come out to stay with you.  A week, two weeks, a weekend, a few days.  People come out to catch up with you, to see you and to have a holiday. Our influx of visitors started a… View Post

Living as an expat was never something that crossed my mind when I was younger.  In fact you could even say that I didn’t want to be an expat.  Ever. Yet here we are on our second expat stint in the Middle East.  Both of my boys, the ultimate in… View Post

The last weekend in November was a busy one for us, not only did we celebrate our first ever Thanksgiving with new friends here in Doha, we also did our very first family brunch.  But it wasn’t just any old brunch, it was the spectacular Superhero brunch at the Ritz… View Post