On Monday morning, around the breakfast table, my husband silently passed his phone over to me.  There was an article open, one which announced the beginning of the diplomatic dispute between Qatar and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Following that announcement came a day of texts from… View Post

The time is nearly upon us, where I abandon my husband for the summer and head for the cooler climes of the UK.  The time of year where I get to catch up with everyone. The time where I run myself ragged trying to see everybody, and inevitably end up… View Post

In a little over three weeks we will all be boarding a plane back to the UK for the summer.  Four days later my husband will board another plane and come back to Qatar.  On his own.  Myself, the four year old and the two year old?  We won’t follow… View Post

Moving out to the Middle East four years ago I feared the worst.  I went in with the mindset that if I hated it, and I was so sure that I would, then we would simply return home and pick up life where we left off.  Albeit in the suburbs… View Post

Before I moved to the Middle East I had the vaguest sense of what Ramadan was, a slight understanding of Eid and that was about it.  To be honest most of my knowledge about Eid came from the fact that they changed the bus route home when I lived in… View Post