To My Big Boy, We’ve thrown a lot at you these past few months, everything has been a game changing milestone in itself, something which we as adults have struggled to comprehend.  Where it’s all been a little bit surreal for us, let alone you at 3 years old.  Yet… View Post

So this is it, the final countdown, after months of going to and fro, we are leaving Dubai but just how do you say goodbye? It’s surreal.  We. Are. Leaving Dubai.  We are leaving the place we have called home for the past 3 years.  Leaving Dubai and in doing… View Post

So that’s it, we have moved out of our villa.  All of our possessions are on their way to a “big ship” ready for our next adventure and we are seeing out our final weeks in Dubai in a serviced apartment.  Make way for us to start working on our… View Post

So it’s official, after three years in the sandpit we are headed home to Blighty.  But what a fantastic three years we’ve had, from the girl who didn’t want to move to Dubai to the girl who almost doesn’t want to leave.  Dubai has given me, and our family, so… View Post

Since the Baby made his dramatic entrance into the world 11 months ago he, quite literally, burst into the Big Ones life, and is always there. While I get one-on-one time with the Baby when the Big One is at nursery it has felt like a long, LONG, time since… View Post