This weekend, as a pre-Mothers Day treat, I took the boys down to Picture People UAE for a coffee morning with a twist. Most coffee mornings you expect a half decent coffee, the lure of a good baked good generally in the form of a croissant and some “mum chat”… View Post

It’s funny how lives twist and turn, if you’d have asked me last year whether we would be preparing to leave Dubai in the near future I would have said no. If you’d had asked me the same question 18 months ago I’d have said yes. But that’s not where… View Post

A couple of weekends ago, for the first time this year, we had nothing on.  No plane to catch.  No visitors arriving.  No brunch to go too.  Just the four of us.  At home.  All weekend. Lovely. So when PAUL Arabia asked if we’d like to review their new picnic, we… View Post

Often people hear the term Dubai Kid and immediately think of an entitled expat brat.  Which is (in the majority of cases) completely untrue. They are (generally speaking, other than your normal kid behaviour) world’s apart.  A Dubai Kid is just that.  A kid that happens to be being raised in… View Post

Yesterday we headed out to the Pik-Nik Brunch at the Westin, I know how quick am I reviewing (the football is on and I am a Manchester United football widow. I’ve made my peace with this. Just about) and spent the afternoon in the sunshine enjoying something a little bit… View Post