For us, being expats means living away from family.  Living away from those we trust to leave our precious boys with *thanks again Mum* and trying to fit a whole year of date night’s with the husband into family visits when really, we want to spend some time with those… View Post

All of my friends seem to be having babies. Every other week a new little pink or blue bundle is imminent and every week I seem to be heading down to Mothercare. I got thinking though at how impersonal a romper set from Mothercare is, no matter how cute it… View Post

Bring an expat and living in a country that is not your own means that you accept that things are done differently.  That different things matter.  And not only do you accept this but you respect it. Which is why it drives me crazy when I walk round the malls… View Post

Dubai “Tax”, well not in the literal sense of the word seeing as Dubai is a tax free country.  It is not however, if you live here as an expat, a visitor free country.  We love having visitors to stay with us in our house, at the moment when they… View Post

When I was pregnant with the toddler I coveted a Pink Lining bag. I eyed them lustfully in shop windows and sighed with envy every time I saw a flash of bright pink at baby group. But with everything we needed to buy for having a baby along with planning… View Post