Soft play.  Love it or loathe it in Dubai it’s a fact of life that you are going to go.  Now it’s heating up outside everyone is starting to head in for child entertainment in the air con! Which is where Le Petit Palais Dubai comes in. There are many… View Post

Now if you are a mum living in Dubai I am sure you will have seen time and time again the Forever Living opportunity pop up in various Facebook groups. Along with the highly mysterious sounding “Clean 9” which ok isn’t so mysterious sounding as it does what it says… View Post

We moved house just before Baby Boy was born so that the boys would each have their own room.  As I’ve said before personalizing and decorating rooms in a rental property is difficult as you don’t want to spend a fortune or do anything too drastic as you won’t be… View Post

Those of you not in Dubai may think that Brunch is a meal that’s not quite breakfast and not quite lunch.  Everywhere else in the world you would be correct but not Dubai.  Oh no. In Dubai a brunch is a food and drink extravaganza happening on a Friday for… View Post