After last weeks wonderful shoot with Sophia I wanted to share some of our amazing images from the day.  As some of you may have noticed I have also used these for my blog header, I love them that much! These are my top picks, there were so many to choose… View Post

Living in Dubai is hot.  Hot.  HOT! Very hot in the summer. Like 50 degree plus. So we spend lots of time in the pool when the temperatures get so hot we can’t go outside without being in the cooled pool.  Yep you read that right, temperatures here get so hot… View Post

Now it’s true what they say when you become an expat the friends you make really do become your family.   They are with you through thick and thin, support you when you are homesick, laugh with you, cry with you and as you generally see them more than your family… View Post

Living in Dubai I sometimes feel as though I am living in a different world.  And a world that on occasion is not the REAL world.There are plenty of things that I do here that I wouldn’t do in the UK, and as I sat waiting for my car to be… View Post