In a little over three weeks we will all be boarding a plane back to the UK for the summer.  Four days later my husband will board another plane and come back to Qatar.  On his own.  Myself, the four year old and the two year old?  We won’t follow… View Post

Before I moved to the Middle East I had the vaguest sense of what Ramadan was, a slight understanding of Eid and that was about it.  To be honest most of my knowledge about Eid came from the fact that they changed the bus route home when I lived in… View Post

Last week my mum came over to visit and talk turned, as it always does, to the potential of us returning home.  I’ve always been upfront about the fact that I never wanted to be an expat, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than leaving the cosy confines of our bright,… View Post

It was never in my plans to be an expat. You could go as far as to say it was the furtherst thing from my mind to even think about leaving the North of England. Then I met my husband. My husband ignited passions in me I didn’t even know… View Post