Before I moved to the Middle East I had the vaguest sense of what Ramadan was, a slight understanding of Eid and that was about it.  To be honest most of my knowledge about Eid came from the fact that they changed the bus route home when I lived in… View Post

The last weekend in November was a busy one for us, not only did we celebrate our first ever Thanksgiving with new friends here in Doha, we also did our very first family brunch.  But it wasn’t just any old brunch, it was the spectacular Superhero brunch at the Ritz… View Post

A week ago we boarded the plane in a grey and drizzly Manchester to head for our new life in Qatar.  Where it most definitely isn’t grey and drizzly, but sunny, hot and sandy. A week, such a short time.  It has sped by so fast that I can barely remember… View Post

Sunday saw us board a plane and begin our new life in Qatar, finding our feet and throwing ourselves in, despite the loneliness that can entail. The acceptance of every, and any, invitation.  Coffee mornings?  Sure.  Play dates?  Great thank you.  Swimming?  Wonderful.  Still the loneliness can be there. It’s… View Post

As I am sat writing this, we are once again preparing to emigrate.  To jump off into the unknown.  To go experience a new country, city, culture.  To go in knowing no one.  To come out?  Who knows.  As I write this we are preparing for our new life in… View Post