When I started my career all those years ago as a slightly nervous graduate trainee we had a week long residential to introduce us to our new banking career.  As part of this we all undertook personality tests, the Myers Briggs test to be exact.  Whilst it analysed all types… View Post

Photos are one of the most evocative source of memory for me, I can look at a photo and not just be transported back to when it was taken, but to my whole life surrounding that moment. Facebook memories popped up a little reminder for me yesterday.  This time four… View Post

This time last year I realised, belatedly, that I had forgotten to send a card to my mum.  One of the perils of being an expat.  So instead I wrote her a Mothers Day blog post, tagged her on Facebook and realised that I don’t have enough photos of my mum and the… View Post

When I found out I was pregnant with my eldest I was shocked, it was a lot quicker than I ever anticipated.  Not many of my friends had babies, or were even considering babies and I was panicked about finding friends to spend my maternity with.  As my pregnancy progressed… View Post

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that we struggle with sleep. We have done from day one with my littlest, he didn’t sleep at a year and he still doesn’t sleep now. But this isn’t about the little one and his determination to be a sleep thief.  This… View Post