It’s been back to school this week, a week of Easter holidays.  Spending quality time with the kids is a top priority for parents and in our case, our school holidays allow us to spend three months a year with our little cherubs, a pleasure indeed.  Says she in the… View Post

Oh those things you can do, now that you’re two Waving hello with a big beaming smiles, Your mouth stretching joyfully miles and miles, Saying hello in that sweet baby talk, Holding my hand as we walk and we walk, From walking to running, you charge on and on, All… View Post

My baby is turning two.  TWO!!!  My very last ever baby turns the grand old age of two this Easter Sunday.  And I can’t quite believe it.  We are hurtling out of the baby years at the speed of light and he is a walking, talking, demanding toddler. I’m so… View Post

Whenever I used to hear of two year olds not sleeping I used to offer a sympathetic head tilt.  And secretly used to wonder what those parents were doing, what two year old doesn’t sleep?? Now, two years later I’m eating my words.  Who has a two year old that… View Post

Time passes so quickly, it seems like only yesterday that this tiny, mewling newborn baby was lifted out of me.  A tiny red, angry, screaming, baby who instantly calmed the moment he was passed over to me.  The moment he found my breast and how to feed.  That same child… View Post