Books.  I am a self confessed bookworm.  If it has words in it I want it. From traditional bookshelves, to floating stacking shelves on the wall like these from Muuto, I adore all things literature related.  The smell, the look, did I mention the words? Though I recently took the… View Post

I’m sorry but my kids just aren’t naughty, a bold statement from Katy there.  Kids?  Not naughty?!  I scoffed, pfft, not my life and not my kids. Before I had the boys I had no idea just how much my life was about to be turned upside down, I had… View Post

It’s nighttime now. The boys are in bed, fast asleep.  Eventually.  After an epic battle of wills. My four year olds gangly limbs tucked up as he curls into a ball, his downy lashes resting on his cheek, as the insolence and temper tantrums of today melt away.  He looks… View Post

Some days parenting is hard. Scratch that, some days parenting feels like you’re headed into war with no way to defend yourself. The days you are sleep deprived, the days that they are sleep deprived. The days filled with tantrums, the days filled with sulking. The days that are on… View Post