Three terrorist attacks in as many months in the UK and for many the cry is “we are not afraid” life carries on as normal.  By halting our plans, our days we are letting them win.  And it’s okay to feel like that. Yet for others, fear is leading them… View Post

In just over a week’s time my eldest son will finish his first year of school.  My very first baby?  Finishing his first year of school?  It doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was just starting, and before that, that he was still my tiny baby. Last September I waved… View Post

It appear as though society is fixated on labels.  You have to fit in one box or another somehow to be accepted.  You can’t just be an ordinary, run of the mill mother anymore. Oh no. These days you’re either a “yummy mummy” or a “slummy mummy” there is no in-between.… View Post

I love being a mum, it’s what I’ve always wanted.  Ever since I was a little girl whenever anybody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was simple “a mummy“.  Now all my dreams have come true and I have two wonderful boys who… View Post

So you’re a mum of boys. You must have your hands full then?  A dirty, noisy house?  A little one who likes to say poo a lot and giggle uncontrollably after he’s said it.  Being a mum of boys, I now feel equipped to let you all in on a little… View Post