This morning I headed out for a run after dropping my biggest one at school.  Kind of a New Year’s resolution of mine (even though it’s more of a New Year, Same Me theme going on) when I walked back in the door to the Baby flinging himself at me… View Post

This week I headed to Doha’s Wholesale Market with some friends, the place to go and buy your fruit and vegetables in bulk.  And bought in bulk we did, fresh strawberries, bananas, potatoes, oranges.  You name it we found it. Including what seemed like a thousand courgettes, zucchinis if you… View Post

Every once in a while you eat something that makes you want to cook it yourself at home, which was the case when I headed down to wash my pants at a new friends house – there is no such thing as a long slow friendship build up when you live… View Post

I love to cook with the Big One, and have been doing so since he was around 18 months old.  One of our very first recipes was making chocolate cornflake cakes, I mean who doesn’t love the crunchy yet gooey chocolate-y goodness that are chocolate cornflake cakes?! We had some… View Post

Yesterday we had a big family barbecue, it’s kind of a tradition whenever I come home to my mums for the summer for everyone to see the boys without me having to drive around all over the place.  With barbecues come preparation, from the halloumi sausage kebabs to the parma… View Post