My biggest boy loves to cook, bake, get in the kitchen.  For Father’s Day we made butter cookies that didn’t actually make it to the husband as they were far too tempting, short, and delicious to last.  So they got scoffed.  Sprinkles and everything.  To try and make amends we… View Post

I love getting in the kitchen with the Big One.  It’s one of my favourite one-on-one activities with him, sharing one of my passions with him and watching as he learns whilst playing.  Every time we bake together I am astounded at how much he knows and learns, and continues… View Post

It’s quite hard to feel Christmassy when the sun beats down and it’s hitting 30 degrees still outside. Where your children are running round in shorts and you’re more likely to be eating ice cream than sipping on warming hot chocolates. So after I spotted some dried cranberries whilst shopping… View Post

Given that generally we bake and pop treats like the Malteaser cheesecake on the blog you would be forgiven for thinking that all I feed the Toddler is sweet delicious sugary goo. As much as he would like me too I refuse.  Besides nursery has rules about what can and… View Post

It’s barbecue season out here in Dubai.  Visiting friends to eat sausage and burgers, salads and crisps.  Then the all important pudding. Pudding is my job. It always is.  Well pudding and potato salad. After indulging on meat all afternoon it seems rude to wash it down with fresh fruit. … View Post