Every so often I get random urges to make things and this was no exception. I’d once made Delia Smith’s Rhubarb Crumble Ice Cream which turned out well so I thought I’d do a bit of a twist and make a super duper vanilla infused Apple crumble ice cream And… View Post

Last weekend my husband donned the chefs hat and got his hands dirty in the kitchen baking with the Toddler as I worked on my CV (which is a whole other story). They decided to make Peanut Butter Cookies; after lots of shouting through to me to find out where… View Post

Getting into the kitchen with the boys is one of my favourite things to do, often making delicious cookies and cakes.  Every so often I feel guilty that I am passing my (very, very) sweet tooth onto them and try to cut out the refined sugar, using natural fruits to… View Post

My mum isn’t a baker.  My dad did all the baking in our house so that meant my mum’s baking supplies were limited when we were at home.  Who doesn’t have vanilla extract or baking powder as a staple?? My mum it turns out.  Though she did have ginger.  So… View Post

We are in the UK and it’s actually sunny!  So we took advantage and went strawberry picking last week, where, despite many, many strawberries ending up in the Toddler’s mouth we still had a glut that needed to be used up. While at the farm shop over at Scaddows Farm… View Post