Cruise with Kids

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to cruise with kids?

I’d say we are fairly adventurous when it comes to taking the boys away.  Our first holiday with our eldest happened when he was a mere 7 weeks old.  Since then they have been on countless planes, trains and automobiles as we cart them round the world.  With all that said the one thing we wanted to try was going on a cruise with kids, but we were more than a little apprehensive about all that it entailed.  And the fact that you were on a big ship in the middle of the sea and no way to get off.

Still, feeling brave (and thanks to Grandma for paying for us) we bit the bullet and took our boys on their first cruise aged 8 months and 3 years, in January 2016.  It turns out we needn’t have worried, going on a cruise with kids was our perfect family holiday with something for everyone from our littlest to Grandma.  It’s safe to say that we became complete converted to cruising life after our holiday aboard the Azura.

When I was busy searching about going on a cruise with kids I didn’t find much out there on what it was like for younger children.  So this is the Life with Baby Kicks love for and how it really goes when you go on a cruise with kids section.

And if you wondered how we much we recommend going?  We loved it that much we’ve booked to go back on a cruise with kids for Christmas 2017.  Watch out Britannia we’re coming for you!

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