Summer holidays can mean but one thing, children, children everywhere.  No pre-school taking over for those precious hours of calm that I had been enjoying while the Baby napped.  No summer holidays means that I am the primary source of entertainment, and so I get busy searching days out near home.… View Post

The funny thing about being an expat is that your holidays tend to be back in the UK.  Which to be honest doesn’t very often feel like a holiday but a mass merry-go-round of visitors and visiting.  Which is why on our month back to escape the heat – which… View Post

Another day meant another adventure, this time we headed to Thomas Land in Drayton Manor with the toddlers partner in crime Miss S from The 21st Century Mama.  Half the excitement in the car over was the fact that we were seeing Thomas, the rest that we were seeing Miss… View Post

It’s a running joke in our house that I am obsessed with animals. Any idea for a day out from me generally is go the zoo, the petting zoo or in this case The National Forest Adventure Farm The National Forest Adventure Farm though, is more than just a farm,… View Post

Coming back for my holidays to the UK with my mum we had all of the Midlands to explore and on one sunny (sunny?  I came to escape the sun!) day off exploring as well as reliving my childhood by visiting Twycross Zoo. I love Twycross Zoo.  We went last… View Post