These days, city breaks are all the rage. People are short on time, so for many the best way to get away and experience new places is to take short breaks rather than going away for a week or more. In a city, there is a lot to do and… View Post

Nine years ago, did I but know it, my life was about to change completely. I went on my first real date with my husband. A world away from drunken office nights and stolen kisses.  An actual real date.  Together.  To the cinema and then for spaghetti.  We knew how to… View Post

In many ways, the Canary Islands are the ideal holiday destination for all kinds of people including families. The great year-round climate, wonderful hotels, stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and cultural wonders make each one of the seven islands a unique place for tourists. The only challenging question comes when you… View Post

One thing I’m finding this summer is that if we don’t get out of the house my boys go a little store crazy.  I end up becoming the shouting mum that no one likes, and the day feels like it’s lasted for approximately 12432532 hours. We’ve combatted this by making… View Post

Holidays.  They mean many things to many people. From the long (long) school summer holidays to the exotic trips away.  Enchanting city breaks to wonderful staycations. And for us, this summer, an expat migration away from the heat of Doha to the lush green of the UK. Both of my… View Post