Sleep.  It’s an emotive topic.  Especially when you start talking about baby sleep, or lack thereof.  Even more so when your baby isn’t actually a baby any more but a walking, talking, two (nearly three if I’m honest) little menace.  When you’re wailing why won’t my two year old sleep,… View Post

All of a sudden my five year old has become a grown up.  It’s happened right in front of my eyes and I just can’t quite get over it. Gone are the days of playing Peepo with a blanket and him finding it totally hilarious.  No more are the squidgy… View Post

And so I’m back, from outer space, or more accurately the Caribbean where we spent our Christmas and New Year aboard the flagship boat of P&O Cruises, the Britannia. Two weeks away from work, school, WiFi, life. It.  Was.  Marvellous. As such it’s meant that we’re all horrifically jet lagged… View Post

The highlight of my school career was my singing solo as a little lamb, aged 10, in the school nativity show. Four lines to sing about the Baby Jesus wearing a pair of white woolly tights and a white jumper that didn’t quite come over my bum.  And a lamb… View Post

Yesterday saw me sobbing down the phone uttering the phrase. But it’s Christmas… The season of goodwill, family, friends and love.  A chance to catch up with loved ones, both near and far.  And for us?  The start of a holiday of a lifetime. Way back when in January my… View Post