You may have seen the new blogging phenomena that’s going round at the moment, 50 things that make you happy.  I’m delighted that the lovely Rachel from Ten Minutes Spare tagged me.  This is for two reasons really: 1. It really did make me focus on things that make me… View Post

Myself and the toddler were sent a preview of a new show “The Adventures of Herbie Hound” to review.  I leapt at the chance because, the more pregnant I got, the more tiring the toddler was.   Especially combined with the fact that this week is the week he has decided… View Post

This week’s adventure is taking us from Dubai, where funnily enough we emigrated to in last weeks post, Down Under with the lovely Lora from the 21st Century Mama.  Now some of you may know that I have mentioned Lora before, she blogs out expat life out here in the desert… View Post

I never planned on being a stay at home mum.  Then life happened and here I am just over two and half years later and I’ve still not gone back to work. I know I am lucky that my husband has a job where this is financially viable for us… View Post