So following on from our first meal plan and given that Mum has now actually flown home after our blood pressure spiking scare here is what we have on the menu this week. Monday; Cashew Beef with rice and cucumber salad There is a company out here in Dubai, which according to… View Post

So last week mummytravels took us on a Caribbean Cruise, this week its back to me and the toddler terror and we are also headed to sunnier, sandier climates. Picking the story up where I left off, following on from our first adventure to the Christmas markets in Belgium, we had our… View Post

Now it’s true what they say when you become an expat the friends you make really do become your family.   They are with you through thick and thin, support you when you are homesick, laugh with you, cry with you and as you generally see them more than your family… View Post

Risotto is hands down one of my favourite dinners.   The husband hates it but the mother has been visiting and she doesn’t complain at what she gets fed, plus she brought the wine I needed to add, so risotto it is! The thing I love about risotto is how versatile… View Post

After my lovely calm week last week this week my pregnancy weekend was eventful! Those of you that read my blog will know that I have chronic hypertension which is complicating my pregnancy somewhat.  I ended up in hospital for the morning on Friday morning with my blood pressure spiking… View Post