This time 3 years ago I had the devastating news that my Dad had died. No warning. No illnesses (that we knew of, it turned out he had bronchial pneumonia and emphysema, not a shock when you smoke for 40 years). Just woke up one morning, went down to make a… View Post

Living in Dubai I sometimes feel as though I am living in a different world.  And a world that on occasion is not the REAL world.There are plenty of things that I do here that I wouldn’t do in the UK, and as I sat waiting for my car to be… View Post

The toddlers apron, a bit worse for wear these days (available here) Sharing a car works for us most of the time, but an imminent move to somewhere where public transport is less accessible, has led to us buying our second car.  We pick it up in 7-10 days (apparently)… View Post

Once again running fever has hit our household.  This happens on a fairly regular basis and training commences in earnest, and normally I go along for the ride and get motivated by the husband who is doing some big event, last year was the half marathon, this year its the… View Post