Something a little bit away from the usual pregnancy, food, toddler terror related posts today.  I’ve been nominated by the lovely Melanie Craft for a Liebster Award, hop on over to Melanie’s blog for an amazing array of lifestyle posts (I especially love how she is competing with her husband) as well… View Post

Living in a hot climate I thought my days of good English staples were behind me.  However, as those who live the expat life in the sunshine will know, you sometimes have these homesick cravings for food. And in my case food my mum and gran used to make me.… View Post

Technology Technology savvy children, the toddler terror can work the iPad, and knows that BBC iPlayer will only work when we have the VPN on. Cue much shouting of “Mummy put the EP on” when it is turned off so he can take his pick from Raa Raa the Noisy Lion,… View Post

This time 3 years ago I had the devastating news that my Dad had died. No warning. No illnesses (that we knew of, it turned out he had bronchial pneumonia and emphysema, not a shock when you smoke for 40 years). Just woke up one morning, went down to make a… View Post