We are in the middle of a great debate in our house; will we or won’t we get a double buggy.  And if we do what double buggy do we get? We have that awkward age gap between the 2, the terror will be 2.5 years old by the time bump… View Post

Early last week we had one of “those” mornings.  Where the toddler terror woke up at 5am and the day stretched out foreverrrrrrrrrrr in front of us.  I’m sure you know the type of day I mean. We had a quick breakfast play date, we had watched Toy Story, and… View Post

As my due date looms ever closer I am starting to reflect on my birth with my eldest child.   As with my last pregnancy once again I am hypertensive and pregnant, which marks me as high risk.   The main difference this time being that I won’t be sent for an… View Post