And potty training sort of begins, now we have a potty.   And a toilet seat.  And animal biscuits to bribe,  reward, when he does anything on the potty. So far, he only goes on at night before bathtime.   Its been an interesting process so far. Take tonight for example,  on potty,  nothing.… View Post

I am hypertensive. And I am pregnant. I am hypertensive and pregnant -again! For those of you who do not know what that means, well, it basically means my blood pressure is raised. A “normal” person has a blood pressure of around 120/80, at it’s worst under monitoring mine hit… View Post

I may or may not have mentioned yet that we are currently in the middle of marathon training. Obviously not my blooming self, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve even thought about running.  Some days I even ponder walking.  No, the fussy one, aka the husband, is busy getting… View Post

Now that indeed is the question.  This pregnancy is flying by, so much so I can’t quite believe that in 3 months the little poppet in question will be here.  I still don’t really feel THAT pregnant. Thats inspite of the baby kicks, the rolls, the heartburn, the bad sleeping,… View Post