I am hypertensive. And I am pregnant. I am hypertensive and pregnant -again! For those of you who do not know what that means, well, it basically means my blood pressure is raised. A “normal” person has a blood pressure of around 120/80, at it’s worst under monitoring mine hit… View Post

I may or may not have mentioned yet that we are currently in the middle of marathon training. Obviously not my blooming self, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve even thought about running.  Some days I even ponder walking.  No, the fussy one, aka the husband, is busy getting… View Post

Now that indeed is the question.  This pregnancy is flying by, so much so I can’t quite believe that in 3 months the little poppet in question will be here.  I still don’t really feel THAT pregnant. Thats inspite of the baby kicks, the rolls, the heartburn, the bad sleeping,… View Post

Being 6 months pregnant I was hoping to put off potty training with the 2 year old terror until after the baby arrives. I’ve heard it takes longer for boys. I really don’t fancy cutting the toddler terror out of pooey pants (a joy I have heard of). I really,… View Post