It’s a long standing joke with all of our friends that my husband is Mr Organised, particularly when it comes to holidays. We have all of our holidays planned out for 2018.  I mean with two small boys, although our attitude to travel has changed, our desire to has never… View Post

Every friendship has a story to be told. Quite often there is that one pinnacle moment where you look at the other person and realise, yes I like you.  I’ll have you.  When you know that this is your story that will be trotted out time and time again. Whether… View Post

Staycations have never really appealed to me. I mean, why would I go and stay in a hotel in the city that I live in when I have a perfectly good house, a valid passport and a thirst to go and see the world?  Even if that city is Doha,… View Post

This time next month we will have boarded a plane, and then another plane, and then a boat.  And of course it will also be Christmas Eve. Yep, this Christmas we’re off on a cruise round the Caribbean. After a trip on the Azura last January which completely changed my perspective… View Post

Doing my weekly shop. As normal. Meandering round the shop, weaving in and out of everyone, throwing a lifetime supply of pasta in the trolley as that is the only thing my two year old eats. As normal. Then it happened. I walked past the baby aisle, and carried on.… View Post