Some days parenting is hard. Scratch that, some days parenting feels like you’re headed into war with no way to defend yourself. The days you are sleep deprived, the days that they are sleep deprived. The days filled with tantrums, the days filled with sulking. The days that are on… View Post

Last year we went away in January, with the boys.  They were 3 years old and 8 months respectively.  We were apprehensive, nervous and if truth be told just a little bit terrified. Not because of the travelling, since the eldest was a dot we’ve dragged him round the world… View Post

Last night I spent most of the night on the floor next to my two year olds cot.  Reassuring him as he woke. This afternoon I lay down with my two year old and held him as he napped. Tonight I sat outside the boys room and stayed there until… View Post

My boys are chalk and cheese personality wise. Something that becomes more apparent when we hit the swimming pool, my four year old HATED the water. Screamed blue murder if you took him in.  And wouldn’t even consider putting his face in the water.  However, at the time living in… View Post

Those of you who have followed my journey from when I started this blog, midway through my second pregnancy, will know that however much I love being pregnant it’s something which doesn’t necessarily agree with me due to the fact I have chronic hypertension.  From the start of my pregnancy… View Post