Travelling can be tiring at the best of times, let alone when you have two children in tow. This summer I will be travelling back to the UK, performing the mass summer exodus from Qatar as temperatures rise, with the boys in tow.  Boys that don’t always sleep.  Add travel… View Post

Last week I signed up for, and started, a 6 week exercise program with EvoFit here in Doha.  It is the start of my journey to be a healthy mum, leading a fitter life. With signing up I got access to 6 weeks of unlimited classes for 500QR.  Alongside a… View Post

Being an expat is such an integral part of my life now that the things that I missed so desperately at the beginning, the superficial little nuances of life, kind of blend into the background. I forget about my need for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, but the proper UK stuff not… View Post

It appear as though society is fixated on labels.  You have to fit in one box or another somehow to be accepted.  You can’t just be an ordinary, run of the mill mother anymore. Oh no. These days you’re either a “yummy mummy” or a “slummy mummy” there is no in-between.… View Post