A year in Qatar and I’d say we’re just about settled into our expat life here.  The boys are both at school or nursery, we’re in our (second) home and the pictures have (just about) made it up on the walls. We are passed the stage of the what on… View Post

I’ve been looking through my wardrobe rather despondently recently. Whilst there are lots of pretty party dresses it’s lacking in any kind of substance other than that.  It’s kind of like I’ve lost my identity, lost my style, lost my fashion sense since becoming a stay at home mum, lost… View Post

Living in the Middle East has meant that the boys are experiencing a different childhood to the one that I had.  Instead of apple trees they’re climbing palm trees, there is no lush green field, there are no real seasons to be seen.  It is a completely different setting to… View Post

This summer we went on a lot of days out in the UK. A lot.  We went to the Tramway Museum, the Black Country Museum, the National Forest Adventure Farm, Chatsworth House, Calke Abbey.  To name but a few. Each week saw us try somewhere new during our 12 weeks… View Post

I have been called many things in my time.  Wife.  Trailing spouse.  Mum.  Stay-at-home mum.  Expat.  Blogger.  Friend.  Banker.  Daughter.  Laura.  To name but a few.  I do not think I have ever been referred to as a lady of leisure. A lady who is assumed to spend her time… View Post