I’m sorry but my kids just aren’t naughty, a bold statement from Katy there.  Kids?  Not naughty?!  I scoffed, pfft, not my life and not my kids. Before I had the boys I had no idea just how much my life was about to be turned upside down, I had… View Post

Considering that both boys are in fact British citizens yet both have spent more time out of the country than in it I like to take the summer to head around the UK. So far this year we’ve been making the most of being outside and meeting up with friends,… View Post

6:55pm I opened the book; the rabbit who wants to fall asleep. 7:19pm my two year old is down. 7:30pm so is my four year old and I am free to go downstairs. You may or may not know that we struggle with sleep in this house, be it the tiny… View Post

It’s that time of year here in the UK.  The time of year that is quintessentially British. Tennis whites.  Strawberries and cream.  Pimms in the sunshine.  Or more likely, the rain.  Yes folks, Wimbledon is here and we are busy watching from the couch at my mums. Tennis is something… View Post