The thing about being an expat is that life is very transient. You make friends, then they move away.  So you make more friends, then they move away.  Then you make yet more friends and it’s your turn to be leaving.  People come, people go.  All make an impression on… View Post

Right now I am training to run a 10k race here in Doha.  Yep, I have a 10k race running plan in action and I am raring to go. The last time I ran a 10k race was all the way back in 2014, heck the last time I RAN 10k… View Post

It’s true that when it comes to bath time, your child’s reaction is always 50/50. Some children can’t wait to get in and enjoy the fun, others seem to turn into cats at the sight of water and will do anything to get away from it! This can be pretty… View Post

Now you are five years old. FIVE. One moment you were a tiny newborn in my arms, reliant on me for everything, I blinked and now you are a great big five year old. A big boy, you tell me. Much bigger than my brother. A cautious boy.  Always watching,… View Post

Nine years ago, did I but know it, my life was about to change completely. I went on my first real date with my husband. A world away from drunken office nights and stolen kisses.  An actual real date.  Together.  To the cinema and then for spaghetti.  We knew how to… View Post