Photos are one of the most evocative source of memory for me, I can look at a photo and not just be transported back to when it was taken, but to my whole life surrounding that moment. Facebook memories popped up a little reminder for me yesterday.  This time four… View Post

Time passes so quickly, it seems like only yesterday that this tiny, mewling newborn baby was lifted out of me.  A tiny red, angry, screaming, baby who instantly calmed the moment he was passed over to me.  The moment he found my breast and how to feed.  That same child… View Post

I’ve been musing a lot on expat friendship recently, for a couple of reasons really.  First up it was my husbands birthday.  His oldest, and best, friend came over from the UK to celebrate for the weekend where we were then joined at brunch by 10 other people.  People who… View Post