My boys are chalk and cheese personality wise. Something that becomes more apparent when we hit the swimming pool, my four year old HATED the water. Screamed blue murder if you took him in.  And wouldn’t even consider putting his face in the water.  However, at the time living in… View Post

Those of you who have followed my journey from when I started this blog, midway through my second pregnancy, will know that however much I love being pregnant it’s something which doesn’t necessarily agree with me due to the fact I have chronic hypertension.  From the start of my pregnancy… View Post

Three terrorist attacks in as many months in the UK and for many the cry is “we are not afraid” life carries on as normal.  By halting our plans, our days we are letting them win.  And it’s okay to feel like that. Yet for others, fear is leading them… View Post

In just over a week’s time my eldest son will finish his first year of school.  My very first baby?  Finishing his first year of school?  It doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was just starting, and before that, that he was still my tiny baby. Last September I waved… View Post

As we come to the last days of school here in Qatar.  The lull before everyone leaves for the summer it seems that everyone is trying  to squeeze in one last party.  One last play date.  One last gathering. With every school collection there seems to be another invitation.  Every other… View Post