Somehow my eldest turns five next week.  FIVE. It doesn’t seem like yesterday we found out he was arriving, even less time since we brought him home from the hospital and blundered through those first days with no real clue.  The sleepless nights that felt never ending.  Getting the hang… View Post

Yesterday afternoon was hideous.  I mean I know parenting is not easy but this was off the scale hideous. Downright horrible. One of those parenting afternoons that needs to be wiped from your memory.  It wasn’t just hard, it was extreme.  You know the ones? Over tired kids, giving out attitude,… View Post

This time last week we were headed to the airport ready to board the plane back to our life in Qatar, our second expat stint away.  A stint where I was no longer the reluctant expat, rather more the reluctant repat.  We landed on Monday evening and it was straight… View Post

Just like that, summer is over.  We’re home. What felt like eternity when we boarded the plane on the 22nd June for eleven weeks in the green, green lands of home, actually sped by pretty past.  Roll forward to the 11th September and we were boarding the plane home. And… View Post

Last year my eldest started school in the sense he went to into the preschool class attached to the school he would attend.  However going for five days a week in full school uniform definitely felt to me like my baby was in “real school”.  And big school a that.… View Post