Last year, when the Baby was born and I started breastfeeding once again I wrote a post giving 10 signs that you are breastfeeding.  At the time one thing I never expected was to still be feeding the Baby 16 months down the line having stopped feeding the Big One at… View Post

The first week in August marks World Breastfeeding Week, if you’d have asked me last August if I would still be breastfeeding for World Breastfeeding Week 2016 I would have laughed and said of course not.  Except it didn’t turn out that way and here I am 16 months down… View Post

People often expect that breastfeeding in Dubai is nigh on impossible.  It’s not, in fact I’ve only ever had positive breastfeeding experiences in Dubai. That said, it’s definitely not the type of place you can shake your tatas out all over the show and in line with being respectful in… View Post

Poor old Jamie Oliver he’s caused quite a stir with his statement over breastfeeding hasn’t he?  People jumping left, right and centre to slam him, or less likely, defend him.  Yep, the age old Breast vs. Bottle has reared it’s ugly head once again. Now poor old Jamie is being… View Post