Every once in a while you eat something that makes you want to cook it yourself at home, which was the case when I headed down to wash my pants at a new friends house – there is no such thing as a long slow friendship build up when you live… View Post

What do you do when you have a sick Baby, a bored 3 year old and some over ripe bananas?  You head into the kitchen and get baking when said sick Baby is busy sleeping off being poorly.  So off we popped to make banana bread, in cake form. I… View Post

I love getting in the kitchen with the Big One.  It’s one of my favourite one-on-one activities with him, sharing one of my passions with him and watching as he learns whilst playing.  Every time we bake together I am astounded at how much he knows and learns, and continues… View Post

Since the Baby made his dramatic entrance into the world 11 months ago he, quite literally, burst into the Big Ones life, and is always there. While I get one-on-one time with the Baby when the Big One is at nursery it has felt like a long, LONG, time since… View Post

This week I decided to do without my little toddler terror in the kitchen and decided I’d get prepared in advance for dinnertime, as the husband was out at Physio as part of his marathon training,  while he napped…… One 45 minute nap battle later, ending when I realised he… View Post