What do you do when you have a sick Baby, a bored 3 year old and some over ripe bananas?  You head into the kitchen and get baking when said sick Baby is busy sleeping off being poorly.  So off we popped to make banana bread, in cake form. I… View Post

I love to cook with the Big One, and have been doing so since he was around 18 months old.  One of our very first recipes was making chocolate cornflake cakes, I mean who doesn’t love the crunchy yet gooey chocolate-y goodness that are chocolate cornflake cakes?! We had some… View Post

My biggest boy loves to cook, bake, get in the kitchen.  For Father’s Day we made butter cookies that didn’t actually make it to the husband as they were far too tempting, short, and delicious to last.  So they got scoffed.  Sprinkles and everything.  To try and make amends we… View Post

I love getting in the kitchen with the Big One.  It’s one of my favourite one-on-one activities with him, sharing one of my passions with him and watching as he learns whilst playing.  Every time we bake together I am astounded at how much he knows and learns, and continues… View Post

What do you do when you are stuck in the house with a poorly Toddler, a teething baby and your husband tells you he needs something for the work Halloween Bake Sale? You head to Pinterest and find something which looks possible to do round said children and will keep… View Post