A year in Qatar and I’d say we’re just about settled into our expat life here.  The boys are both at school or nursery, we’re in our (second) home and the pictures have (just about) made it up on the walls. We are passed the stage of the what on… View Post

I have been called many things in my time.  Wife.  Trailing spouse.  Mum.  Stay-at-home mum.  Expat.  Blogger.  Friend.  Banker.  Daughter.  Laura.  To name but a few.  I do not think I have ever been referred to as a lady of leisure. A lady who is assumed to spend her time… View Post

The thing about being an expat is that life is very transient. You make friends, then they move away.  So you make more friends, then they move away.  Then you make yet more friends and it’s your turn to be leaving.  People come, people go.  All make an impression on… View Post

This time last week we were headed to the airport ready to board the plane back to our life in Qatar, our second expat stint away.  A stint where I was no longer the reluctant expat, rather more the reluctant repat.  We landed on Monday evening and it was straight… View Post

This time last year I was sat, much as I am now, at my mums house in Derby.  Waiting for the call that said we were ready to move to our new life in Qatar.  We were waiting to take on our next expat assignment in Doha.  Having to leave… View Post