I don’t pretend to understand politics but even I realise that today has been a big day in American politics.  More than that today has been a massive day for world politics.  The election of a new US president is fairly big news worldwide.  The election of Donald Trump is… View Post

Arriving in Qatar in the middle of August meant two things, the first was that the desert heat makes Doha hotter than the sun during the summer so after a summer outside we were back to malls and soft plays, the second being that it meant putting myself back on… View Post

Social media represents the 5% of your life that you want to show off to the world.  The joyful moments.  The soppy hashtag-soblessed moments.  Those moments where your child sleeps through the night.  Has an epic nap and let’s you enjoy a hot cup of tea.  The times where you… View Post

I had a list as long as my arm before I became a mum of things I would do.  I had an ideal of how I would become Mary Poppins.  I had a plan that this tiny little bundle would fit round my life and how I would just, you… View Post

Sometime last year I read a wonderful post on what the bedtime story regime was really like, I’ve been searching for the post ever since but haven’t been able to find it.  So I decided to share how our bedtime story goes with you all. Current favourite is “The Highway Rat”… View Post