Social media represents the 5% of your life that you want to show off to the world.  The joyful moments.  The soppy hashtag-soblessed moments.  Those moments where your child sleeps through the night.  Has an epic nap and let’s you enjoy a hot cup of tea.  The times where you… View Post

I had a list as long as my arm before I became a mum of things I would do.  I had an ideal of how I would become Mary Poppins.  I had a plan that this tiny little bundle would fit round my life and how I would just, you… View Post

I’m not raising my boys to be great husbands.  That is not my role as a mother.  That is not the guidance I am giving them, but before you judge me please read on… First of all we have to look at the “girl power” message, being a girl, or… View Post

Friendships.  It is said that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, which is often why it feels like your friends become your family.  Even more so when you are an expat.  But what of the friendships that were once so strong you couldn’t imagine them… View Post

Advice.  It comes from all sources.  From your mum to your next door neighbour, well meaning friends and family to the random old lady in Boots tutting that your baby has no socks on.   It seems that the second you get pregnant you, your bump and your resultant baby… View Post