Yesterday afternoon was hideous.  I mean I know parenting is not easy but this was off the scale hideous. Downright horrible. One of those parenting afternoons that needs to be wiped from your memory.  It wasn’t just hard, it was extreme.  You know the ones? Over tired kids, giving out attitude,… View Post

A while back I read a wonderful piece that asked “Did I love you enough today?” it truly resonated with me at the time. Then I filed it away, got on with life and continued in my parenting journey with a difference. Each night I thought to myself, did I… View Post

Some liken parenting to a long and winding car journey.  Travelling down the road less travelled and hoping for best. Navigating naptimes, bedtimes, playdates.  The judgements of other on you journey causing road rage and horn beeping. But what of the signs that litter the road?  That help you on… View Post

I knew having kids would mean there would be difficult days, days where I was frazzled and they were crying.  I knew that it wasn’t going to be plain sailing.  On some level I knew that being a mum was going to be hard.  I just never realised how hard… View Post