Doing my weekly shop. As normal. Meandering round the shop, weaving in and out of everyone, throwing a lifetime supply of pasta in the trolley as that is the only thing my two year old eats. As normal. Then it happened. I walked past the baby aisle, and carried on.… View Post

Tantrums. All children have them. The list of things that my 3 year old has had a tantrum over this week is a case in point even though I have been using the “blitter jar” to help us calm down when it all gets too much (and it is going… View Post

I may have mentioned once or twice that we are moving!  I am very very excited to be moving from our 2 bed plus study 4th floor apartment to the new THREE bed plus study VILLA with GARDEN!!! OK maybe I am a little bit more than excited!  We are… View Post

As my due date looms ever closer I am starting to reflect on my birth with my eldest child.   As with my last pregnancy once again I am hypertensive and pregnant, which marks me as high risk.   The main difference this time being that I won’t be sent for an… View Post