Hands up if you remember Now! That’s what I Call Music. On double cassette? Not even on CD *waves hand wildly about* With that said I asked the Toddler what his favourite songs of the time were and this is what he came up with. The nursery rhyme edition of….… View Post

Coming back for my holidays to the UK with my mum we had all of the Midlands to explore and on one sunny (sunny?  I came to escape the sun!) day off exploring as well as reliving my childhood by visiting Twycross Zoo. I love Twycross Zoo.  We went last… View Post

I saw the magic milk experiment a while back and filed it for future reference. Then the weather here reached stupid temperatures coupled with a bout of bronchiolitis for Baby Boy meant I was desperately thinking of quick wins to do in the house. And so I pulled the magic… View Post