When you know that you’re leaving the sandy shores of Dubai you start to make a bucket list, a list of everything that you’ve been meaning to do since you landed down (three years ago yesterday!) but yet life and children just got in the way.  On our list was… View Post

It has never crossed my mind to stop exploring the world now the boys have crash landed in it.  Quite the opposite, we’ve been more places since they were born than we could have imagined we just take them along for the ride. One thing that often puts people off… View Post

When my husband flew out to see us in the UK this summer he was delayed over 7 hours on his return journey. Yes. SEVEN. In Terminal 5 at Heathrow where they were pretty much kept at the gate through lack of information. There is nothing to do at the… View Post

We do love to travel.  And we do take both kids with us hoping to instil in them the same love to travel we have. The Toddler has been on over 40 flights (expat kid) and is up to double digits in his country count.  How many near 3 year… View Post

Bahrain holds a special place in my husband’s heart. It’s the place where he lived until he was 6. Where his dad lived for 35 years. Where he spent countless summers, winters, Easters visiting. A place to him that was always home. A place that helped him grow a love… View Post