Tonight we leave for Malaysia on an overnight flight with the 4 year old and the 19 month old.  Who hates being contained.  I’m still not packed, items are strewn everywhere and I’m still working on the theory that as long as I have my passport and credit card I’ll… View Post

Yesterday I left Dubai.  Said my final goodbyes and left.  Yesterday was my final day as a Dubai resident and I headed back home. Today I am back in the UK, with my boys, with my husband (for the next 4 days) and with my Mum.  Over the past three… View Post

It’s no secret that we love to travel.  Be it a weekend away in Abu Dhabi, a far flung trip to Petra or a Caribbean Cruise, generally if it involves heading away we are up for it.  The problem these days is not so much the spontaneity of travel with… View Post

When you know that you’re leaving the sandy shores of Dubai you start to make a bucket list, a list of everything that you’ve been meaning to do since you landed down (three years ago yesterday!) but yet life and children just got in the way.  On our list was… View Post

When myself and the Husband used to travel around the world just the two of us, we had a backpack each that weighed in about as much as the Big One does now. Then we had children and not only does life change but packing does too. Then when you… View Post