The other side of Marathon Training

Once again running fever has hit our household.  This happens on a fairly regular basis and training commences in earnest, and normally I go along for the ride and get motivated by the husband who is doing some big event, last year was the half marathon, this year its the full marathon.  March 15th to be precise.  In Barcelona.  Just the 3,000km away while I’m 35 weeks pregnant!

Instead of going along for the ride this year, I’m pregnant and so have gracefully hung up my running shoes, as quite frankly I just couldn’t deal with the sickness in the start and with chronic hypertension its now been advised to me by my doctor to reduce all exercise.  Fine by me!  

I can tell you the last time I ran was the 18th August 2014 and I did 2 miles outside in 40+ degree heat, well it is Dubai!  The next day I took a pregnancy test and, well, you know the rest seeing as I’m sat here 28 weeks pregnant!

The husband however, is running consistently and hitting his training plan with style.  Last weekend he ran 18 miles.  Got up at 5.45am and went out and ran 18 miles.  After declining alcohol and sausages at the barbecue we went to the day before.  That is true dedication.  This weekend he got up and ran 20 miles, twenty,  twenty!!!  I was able to get up an hour after him,  do the full weeks grocery shop,  get home and unpack it all before he came home.   Sweaty.   Did i mention its starting to heat up?? 

And as I type this post, he is out running a 6 mile follow up, cool down, get the muscles back in order “plod”.  And he will come back well before my best ever 6 mile time (6 miles = 10km or near enough!)

I am so proud of him, and the dedication that he is showing.  I am OK with this taking over our lives until March.  I didn’t realise how much MY life would change as well, given the fact that I am not running!

And the big things are:

  • Losing a whole day at the weekend, 2-3 hours solid running means a fairly hefty recovery time is required (and deserved!)
  • Sweet potatoes.  I hate the damn things.  If I never have to cook one again then marvellous!  This weekend I was so fed up with them I even tried making crisps with them!
  • Diet changes, learning about carbing up and feeding appropriately.  His (disgusting) pre-run dinner has been:

Roasted sweet potatoes
Roasted chicken breast
White pasta (he doesn’t like brown….)

For the past 2 months, I bet if I’m fed up making the horrific concoction he must be fed up eating it!

  • Running happening 3-4 nights a week, fitting round the toddler terror and a full time job means we are eating later.  Then of course I want to hit bed early being pregnant and all that so we are losing our couple time (or sat in front of the telly together time!)
  • Finding new foods that are “running great” lots of energy and carbs.  I keep changing the meal plan and LOVE getting into the kitchen to try new things out; one being the healthy flapjack snack bars
  • It also means a dessert a week (at least!) so me searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas, one being what I call baked bean tin chocolate cake from the wonderful blog over at Domestic Gothess

I mean, I never thought marathon training would impact my life, but I am glad it has because I am very proud of him.  And he is fundraising for a fantastic charity in the “National Brain Trust” in memory of his mum, not because he has too to claim the place, but because he wants to and believes in the work they do. 

I will keep you updated as there have been a couple of injury bumps already, but fingers crossed all will go to plan and he will board that plane and run the 26.2 miles!

Back when I was also motivated and running!  Doing the Dubai 10km January 2014
My time 1h 02m 04s
His time 44m 13s

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