35 Weeks and a bump in the road

After my lovely calm week last week this week my pregnancy weekend was eventful! Those of you that read my blog will know that I have chronic hypertension which is complicating my pregnancy somewhat.  I ended up in hospital for the morning on Friday morning with my blood pressure spiking and not coming back down.  I wasn’t able to get hold of my doctor so I did the next best thing and headed in.

And when I got there my blood pressure was still spiking high….


The home reading that sent me in

When I got there it was panic stations and rushing round, blood tests, urine tests and the baby was monitored by CTG.

CTG In Hospital
Note the horrible cannula in my arm, and it HURT

As all my tests came back negative and my blood pressure dropped I got let out about lunchtime and headed back home to the toddler terror.  Lucky for me that my mum was still here and able to have him for the morning!!  And has extended her stay by another 5 days to cover me this week while I am having extra appointments and in general helping with the toddler just in case!

I am sure that moving house right now is not helping with my blood pressure (but check out this Facebook photo to see how the toddlers room is going!!) so the husband has put me on rest and relaxation, which is driving me nuts as I am a little bit of a control freak.  Unfortunately he is backed up by my doctor who has me on bi-weekly visits, one with ultrasound to check the baby; who if I do say so myself, is looking pretty good….

Baby at 34+6 weeks
And one appointment with a CTG performed to check on the baby.
Although I am not looking forward to the twice a week appointments, over nursery holidays, so with the toddler in tow.  I do know it is for the best, alongside the 4 hourly blood pressure checks I need to do at home.
The husband waiting in the doctors office…..YES that is my doctors….
Who knows, maybe in the next couple of weeks this will no longer be bump watch but baby watch…yikes!
And speaking of bump watch, here is bump in all their 35 week glory:
And according to the husband I am now bigger than I was at 40 weeks (well 39+5) last time!  Eek!
So pop back next week to see how big I am at 36 weeks.
blogger bumps

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