Push Presents (and Daddy too?)

Being the very proud owner of a bulging baby bump talk has recently turned to presents, “push presents” to be exact.

Now when I had the toddler terror it was a rather dramatic emergency c-section.  Now that definitely warranted a present!  But even if it didn’t I was still angling for one and the husband did not disappoint (though given I went into be induced before we thought he was a little late to the present party) and I got a lovely necklace with 3 diamonds in, one representing each of us.  The toddler terror has since snapped the chain on 2 occassions and I am still waiting for it to be fixed….I must get round to it!!

As I am sure most of you are aware, the most well known push present is in fact an eternity ring.  We decided, before having the terror, that seeing as within 18 months the husband would have given me 2 rings (engagement and wedding) that for me to ask for a third ring was just greedy….

Now with the terror, I figured that it was the husbands first time as a Dad that he too deserved a present.  And what better present than a watch to remind him that time is precious?!

This too, is now broken…..luckily the toddler is still in one piece but his jewellery breaking skills are uncanny….and myself and the toddler replaced this for Daddy at Christmas.

But now baby #2?

So what happens this time?!  Do you get a push present for each baby?
My thoughts on this, YES.
Its been a while since the husband presented me with a ring (last time was May ’13 for our wedding, I must be due!) and to be quite honest, I would like an eternity ring.
Luckily the husband agrees with me, and an eternity ring will be headed my way once the baby arrives.
So my question is…

What about Daddy?

In my mind it is clear that his life is changing as much as mine, and his role in the family is just as important for him to be eligible for a “push” present.  I mean, if my doctor gets his way I won’t be pushing anyway!
My dilemma is WHAT to get him.
What do you get the man who has everything?  And if he doesn’t have it, goes out to get it himself?!  Oh and who’s birthday is in 3 weeks….
I want it to be sentimental yet not corny.
Long lasting (or as long as the toddler will let it last)
Jewellery but not really jewellery as he doesn’t wear it….
Now if I had thought on over Christmas then I would have just saved the watch present and given a watch as a baby present.
For our wedding I really hit the jackpot with these wonderful cufflinks from Ellie Ellie so I was thinking maybe something similar?!
One cufflink showing where we got engaged and the other the wedding!  
From the fabulous Ellie Ellie
Anyone able to offer any words of wisdom on what types of cufflinks?!  Should I go back with the map theme one for each baby (so one London, one Dubai?!)

Disclaimer; I bought these cufflinks well before I had the blog or even an idea of having a blog so I really am just shouting out about how wonderful these are (I got massive brownie points from the husband for this one!) 


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  1. January 12, 2016 / 1:29 am

    Wow, never thought of a push present for the dad – your very generous to consider him like this.

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