Rainbow crayonning

We have a collection of half bitten and well chewed crayons in our house.  As we gear up to even think about packing for our imminent move  (you know, when I’m 8 months pregnant) I have been busy mooching round and pretending to throw stuff out.   In reality I have just been moving it about.   On one such moving i found the crayon collection:

Yes, those are teeth marks.  I have brushed many a piece of coloured wax out of the terrors teeth.  Sigh.
Anyway, I had replaced the nibbled crayons in our craft drawer with nice new chunky ones and decided that I could recycle the old ones having come across the idea of making rainbow crayons!

How to recycle your crayons:

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
2. Break up crayons and add a mix into a SILICON cupcake tray.  This won’t need lining or greasing which is why I chose to use this one as I could pop them out and wash the tray afterwards to re-use (to make cake obviously)
3. Pop into the oven for 2-5 minutes.  Mine took 3 minutes to melt so it definitely depends on the size of the crayons!  KEEP AN EYE ON THEM
TIP: Make sure the crayons are the same size otherwise you end up with one big not yet melted one in the middle and you don’t want the others to over melt into one big mush!  Like below:
4. Leave in the cupcake tin for an hour to cool.  I actually popped them in the fridge overnight once cool to make double sure they were set.
5. Pop out of the mould and voila, rainbow crayons
Great for colour naming with the toddler and here he is “drawing” away, I’d say they are a success

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