Time is running away with me, and the toddler grows that little bit older and little bit wiser every day.  This really hit home this week when he referred to me as “Mama” something which he hasn’t done since he started talking all that time ago.  It really made me stop and think and want to record some of the little sayings that he has before they too go the way of “Mama” and one day he is just a big grown up boy.
So today I am going to share the story of our walk to nursery.  I’m sure those of you that have toddlers or have indeed once been the proud owner of a toddler will nod your head sagely at this, and those of you with babies thinking not my child.   Think again.   I was once you.   My child wouldn’t do that.   Ha.   And ha again.

Once a toddler makes up their mind to be independent and how they are going to do things there isn’t much that can change them from their set course of action.  I am all for it.  Independence is a great thing!  EXCEPT when I’m on a timescale to get him somewhere.  And 8 months pregnant finding it more difficult to just pick him up and run.  So we have developed a ritual to walk him from the car park to the nursery.  A ritual which involves the wheeeeeeeeee.
For those of you out there who may not be familiar with the concept of a wheeeeeee or indeed be thinking that it may be something urine related I can assure you that it’s not (and on an unrelated note our potty training saga has ground to a halt) but is in fact referring to any form of hill or slope.
That you then run down with your arms wide open shouting “wheeeeeeeeeeeee”
Or indeed you can run up doing the same.

Or be pushed by the toddler who waits at the top shouting “MUMMY DO WHEE” highly embarrassing when you think that people might be looking thinking that I do actually need to do a wee…..which in all fairness being 8 months pregnant, I probably do.
Still, it makes him happy, and I love to watch him run.
And it gets us to nursery on time. Winning all round I’d say.
So those of you that think you will never resort to game playing with a toddler, think again, and those of you that have a toddler, what are your little random routines to get them to do what you want?!
Little Hearts, Big Love

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