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It’s award season in the blogging world and next to open up is the MAD Blog Awards and guess what, I’m now eligible for the awards as Life with Baby Kicks is over 3 months old so *cough* all nominations in any category would be much appreciated, but I probably fit best in pregnancy or travel!
With all awards it has been a real struggle to decide between some really wonderful blogs out there, I have so many favourites that I keep up with and it’s a shame I only get one nomination form.  I wanted to share with you all who I chose to nominate in these awards to hopefully help some of you out there who may be struggling in certain categories, please do go visit the blogs below you will find some real gems I promise.Before I start I do have to thank the lovely Momma Boss for the inspiration to announce my nominations, after all that is what #BlogFriends is all about.
Tots100 MAD Blog Awards

Blog of the Year; What Katy Said

I love Katys blog, I joke on Twitter and in comments that I stalk her as well as that I am responsible for half her returning traffic, I visited her #BlogClinic understanding follow and no follow links post 37 times in one day as I worked on changing my links in my blog.  #BlogClinic is one of my reasons for nominating Katy, not only is it super helpful but she hasn’t complained at my tweeting bombardment with what I personally need help with and what she should include going forward, instead she’s made a list *bless her*.There are many other wonderful features on Katys blog, the fantabulous “Our Story” the cliff hanging tale of how Katy and her husband got to where they are today as a monthly feature, this ran over 7 months so you can imagine the twists and turns.   Katy also ran Real Mums, where yours truly featured, and I can not forget her lovely linky #happydays where you can share those posts that make you happy.

Best Pregnancy Blog; Life with Baby Kicks

I nearly didn’t add myself at all with so many wonderful blogs out there.  But then decided that I’d be a bit cheeky and throw myself in!I’ve loved writing a chronicle of my pregnancy and updating my bump pictures, a slightly different journey to most of you pregnant ladies in the UK and indeed different to my last pregnancy journey, as I am now live in surgery heavy Dubai.  On top of being high risk due to chronic hypertension, finding out that I was Group B Strep positive, my wishes for a VBAC leading to my eventual second emergency c section which finally led to me writing my (current) favourite post “Why My C Sections Don’t Make Me Less of a Mother”
I’d love a cheeky nomination in this section if you were considering voting for me.

Best Baby Blog; Becoming a SAHM

I adore Caroline’s Little Miss updates and seeing how far they have come.  I think it’s incredible the way that she has tackled and explained issues like reflux while sharing what works for Little Miss, especially handy for new mums who think something isn’t right but can’t get doctors to listen.

Best Preschool Blog;  Run Jump Scrap

Sarah, like myself, is a relatively new blogger on the block. In fact we definitely started round the same time and seem to have both fallen in love with the blogger world! But I digress.
Sarah’s blog is a joy to read, lighthearted with posts like Why Parents Are Annoying (I scored ten out of ten, must get out more!) but she isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics like Breastfeeding, especially when it was in the news about your IQ being higher if you were breastfed.   All in all Sarah’s adventures with the gremlin are lovingly documented and a pleasure to read.

Best School Day Blog; Inside Martyns Thoughts

I stumbled over Martyn’s blog quite by accident when I first started blogging and discovered linkys (again that was also an accident!) And was immediately captivated by his honest and emotive writing style.  Martyn home schools William and James sharing educational adventures on the way.  He has really opened my eyes to the possibilities home schooling can bring and although it isn’t something I would have the patience or discipline to enforce it has opened my eyes to how I as a parent can use everyday activities and experiences as a teaching tool to enhance school/nursery learning.

Best Family Travel Blog; Mummy Travels

Cathy was my whole inspiration for starting my travel series and expanding it out to include guest bloggers with Travel with Me (always looking for new bloggers to join in, let me know) as well as being my first featured blogger.  Travel Mummy is full of tips and detailed reviews proving that the answer to her tagline is yes, you can keep travelling with a baby.

Best Family Fun Blog; Entertaining Elliot

I love Elaine’s blog about the journey she has been on Entertaining Elliot, I particularly love her Days Out section for ideas on what types of days out the toddler terror (who is a similar age to Elliot) would enjoy even if we aren’t able to get to the exact places Elaine writes about being over here in Dubai she gives plenty of inspiration for the TYPES of day trip which I can adapt over here.
Elaine has also featured on Life with Baby Kicks in Travel with Me, an amusing account of their holiday in Cyprus with a flamingo incident at the airport.

Best Craft Blog; Clares Little Tots

Once again I have to thank linkys, this time #toddlerapprovedtuesday, to thank for finding Clares blog.  Blogging about crafts she completes with both her children and those she looks after as a registered childminder her blog is bursting with ideas to try, so far I’ve tried painting with kitchen utensils but once my craft cupboard is stocked again I plan on trying many more of her ideas I especially love how most activities can be child led, something I need to get better at as the toddler terror exerts his independence more every day.

Best Thrifty Blog; Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies

This really should be taking the award for best blog name EVER!  I haven’t heard of a better way to describe motherhood. Gina, who describes herself as a failed hippy, writes this beautiful blog stuffed with tips on how to be more thrifty.   My favourite post at the moment is the how to make your own vegetable stock, not only because it is thrifty but because it reminds me that back in the “olden days” this was the normal and we could all benefit from taking a few tips from then with homecooked meals from scratch.  Again, linky love, Thrifty Thursday to find all posts that are thrifty, a bit like my recycled crayon post that I really should link up.  I need to get thriftier which is difficult out in Dubai so Gina’s blog really does inspire me.

Best Food Blog; Le Coin de Mel

I love food.  I love eating it.  I love baking it.  I love finding new recipes.  And Mel’s blog is fantastic for inspiration (as is her Pinterest with nearly 1m users).
I love the way that recipes are categorised so you can find what you want when you want it, as well as then large variety of free from recipes.  Not so much a problem in an allergy free house but I imagine that trying to be creative when you can’t use dairy for example is frustrating so it’s amazing that Mel has put it out there.
I am determined to crack the oven baked sweet potato crisps which I have failed at each and every time I try but I’m sure with Mel’s easy to follow recipe this time they will be crisp not soggy!

Best Writer; Ghostwriter Mummy

Susanne’s writing is so powerful, and the campaigning she is doing for made to measure and NHS change is so important.   Alongside this she has set up Maternity Matters a positive spin off from her birth trauma and a campaign for change.
Her blog has a highly detailed pregnancy diary with her IUGR experience movingly documented highlighting the potential danger both herself and Elsie were in.  Much of the blog resonates with me from c sections to high risk pregnancies to babies arriving and dealing with your older children.  It is simply beautiful.

Best Photography; A Mummy Too

The photography that Emily produces on the blog is incredible, in particular her food photography from #recipeoftheweek is mouthwatering I warn you not to look if you’re hungry!
So that’s it, they are my nominations!
If you’d like to nominate, and you don’t have to be a blogger to do so you just need to love reading blogs, then head on over here to complete your entry form and make someone’s day.  I’d love it if you made mine!
MAD Awards 2015 – have you voted and who did you vote for?Speaking of linky love I have shared this here:
Mums' Days

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